Since announcing the postponement of Slam Dunk 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we felt it important to provide further clarification beyond the initial statement (see statement on link above).  Please see our FAQs regarding postponement below. 

I bought tickets for Slam Dunk 2020.  What happens to my tickets?


You have the option of carrying your ticket over to Slam Dunk 2021.  We are encouraging buyers to hold onto their tickets to support the festival and join us next year when it’s safe to do so!  If you cannot make the new date you can request a refund before the end of September 2020 by contacting your ticketing provider. If you bought tickets from tickets page your ticketing provider is  

I’m keeping my tickets, what happens to my afterparty and shuttle bus tickets?


All shuttle bus and afterparty tickets remain valid for 2021 as per the main festival ticket.  Unfortunately the Hatfield Forum afterparty is cancelled for 2021 due to a lack of venue availability.  The London afterparty in Islington remains in place for 2021.  All tickets and shuttle bus tickets purchased for Hatfield Forum afterparty will be refunded automatically.


I haven’t bought my Slam Dunk tickets yet, will the price change?


We are fixing the price of tickets at £69 plus fees as an early bird price for Slam Dunk 2021.  This early bird ticket price will remain in place until the end of September 2020 when our ticket prices for 2021 will see a planned rise in price to cover increased costs of the 2020 / 2021 festival.


From the 1st October onwards, the remaining tickets available will be put onsale for SDF2021. These will be priced at £75 + booking fees and also a new payment plan will be available from then to spread this cost until the festival.

I haven’t received my tickets yet, how can I hold onto them?


If you have bought your ticket online they may not have been sent to you yet

Our ticket agents may dispatch physical tickets closer to the event date.  If you booked on our website via See Tickets you can use their order tracking system on their customer services site


I was under 18 when I bought my Slam Dunk 2020 ticket, but I’ll be over 18 when I will go to Slam Dunk 2021. Can I get an 18+ wristband?


This is possible, please bring your ID on the day of the festival and we will exchange your under 18s ticket for an over 18s wristband.

I have a payment plan ticket but the last 2 payments for 2020 were suspended. Is my ticket still valid? When do you take the rest of the money?


Your payment plan ticket is still valid.  The final 2 payments are scheduled to be taken on the following dates:


Payment 5 – August 1st 2020

Final payment – September 1st 2020

Is the full line-up carried over from Slam Dunk 2020 to Slam Dunk 2021?


We are talking artists now with the aim that as much of the line-up from the 2020 festival moves over to 2021.  This process takes some time and we will update you as soon as we have confirmed the position of all artists booked for 2020.

I filled in an access form, will my companion ticket still be valid, do you have my details?

All companion tickets remain valid and we have retained all access form information for 2021.

I won Slam Dunk 2020 tickets through a competition, is my prize still valid?

Your prize is still valid and you will be coming to Slam Dunk 2021 (if you can make the date)!


I want to support Slam Dunk Festival through the Coronavirus Pandemic, what is the best way to do this?


We will be announcing some initiatives with merch and other events to try and fill the hole left by postponing Slam Dunk 2020, please keep your eyes peeled for this and we thank you for your continued support and patience.


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