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For any lost property please head here to fill out a lost property log and one of the team will get back to you if your lost item has been handed in at the event.

Info & security points

A dedicated team will be available to help you throughout the day with any queries you may have.  Please also use these locations to raise any security concerns including suspected mobile phone theft. 

These are located at:


Info & security point 1 - this is located in the festival village 

Info & security point 2 - this is located by The Key Club stage 

Info & security point 3 - this is located by the Kerrang! Stage 


Info & security point 1 - this is located in the festival village

Info & security point 2 - this is located by Crash Records

Info & security point 3  - this is located by the Kerrang! Stage

Phone theft advice

Due to the current climate in phone thefts at rock events we must accept we will probably be targeted. As always, we will do our absolute best to try and prevent this. If you suspect your phone has been stolen or see anyone acting suspiciously, please do not approach the suspect yourself and seek security assistance immediately.


If you are in the pit of close enough to the barrier, please make security aware. 

If not, please leave the area immediately and visit one of our info and security points to report.  

If you cannot find one, please head to our Info & Security Points as highlighted on the maps. 

The faster phone theft is reported the faster our security can act in trying to catch the culprits. 


We have security constantly patrolling as well as plain clothes security undercover in the crowd. We will be carrying out random searches on the way out if we find we are greatly affected by this on the day of the event. Please do not be offended if you are asked, we must do everything we can to try to stop them.


Additional tips to keep your belongings safe:

• While walking around the event try to stay with friends, particularly at night

• Be aware of what’s around you and try not to walk around with headphones in

• Try to keep your valuables hidden- don’t flash them around.

• Try to avoid carrying anything in your back pockets– the event is busier than oxford street, and pickpockets love it. Pockets with zips are the safest way to go.

• Arrange an easy meeting point with your friends in case you case get split up and don’t have a mobile: choose three times during the day where you can meet e.g. 2pm, 6pm and 10pm

• Please be mindful about how much you drink. Excessive alcohol hampers your judgement and makes you a target for crimes like assault and robbery. These offences are fortunately rare but try to stay with friends and don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position.

Welfare tent


There is a welfare tent on site located by Slam Dunk stage in north & south.  

Our first aid tent will be located by the Slam Dunk tent at both sites.


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