For Access Applications for YOU ME AT SIX - PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Slam Dunk Festival offers a complimentary companion ticket for disabled customers (subject to availability). If you wish to attend one of the festival dates and require the use of the accessible viewing areas (AVA’s), a complimentary companion ticket or assistance please follow the instructions below.

If you wish to purchase a VIP ticket then your complimentary companion ticket will also be given access to the VIP area.  


Complimentary companion tickets are also eligible on the payment scheme tickets.

You will be asked to provide your DLA, PIP, benefits letter or equivalent, registered severely sight impaired card, assistance dog card or other evidence.

There will be accessible viewing platforms at every stage, with the exception of the smallest ones if space is an issue. Please note that there will be a total capacity at each platform and this will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. There will be disabled toilets at every viewing platform as well as throughout the site. 

There will be Blue Badge parking available at the festival site, which will be as close to the entrance as possible, this will be free of charge for Blue Badge holders.  

As both sites are now greenfield, will need to travel across grassy terrain to access most viewing platforms and other areas of the festival.  Should we experience rain in the run-up to the event or on the event day the terrain could become muddy and harder to navigate, please come prepared for such conditions.

Please book your ticket via See tickets and then fill in the access form below in order to book your companion ticket. You will receive email confirmation of your successful application when we have processed your form. You will then receive full instructions of where to collect your companion tickets closer to the event date.

Access tickets will be available on the gate. Please show your proof of eligibility at the gate and your request will be processed on arrival.




If you have any specific questions about access please email our access team on

Please note - all access forms WILL be confirmed and responded to if submitted before Tuesday 31st May - if you need to apply for access AFTER this date please bring your evidencing and information for this to be processed at the gate when you arrive.

Access Requirements Form for Slam Dunk Festival 2022
Which event are you attending?
Where have you purchased your ticket from?
What type of ticket have you purchased?
Do you require a personal assistant ticket?
Do you require the use of the accessible viewing platforms? (Please note that the accessible viewing platforms have limited capacity and will be allocated on a first come first served basis on the event day
Are you a wheelchair user?
Have you purchased an afterparty ticket?

To confirm your provisions to attend the festival you can do either of the two options below:

1. Supporting evidence upload

This can be the front page of a PIP letter, Attendance Allowance letter, Blue Badge (needs to be paired with a scan of a driver's license) or evidence of being registered as severely sight-impaired.

Please upload your supporting evidence for your access request form here, please make sure the file name includes your full name and please feel free to block out any sensitive information that relates to health conditions or amount of benefit paid:

Upload File

2. Statement (with optional alternative evidence such as doctors notes)

We understand and acknowledge that the evidence listed above isn't definitive and many of our access customers have other conditions that means their visit to the festival could be enhanced by using the access facilities.  If you do not have any of the above evidence but would still wish to apply to use the access facilities please use the box below to state why you require them:

Other supporting evidence upload (Optional)

If you wish to upload any documents such as doctors notes then please upload here.  Please make sure that the file name includes your full name:

Upload File
Do you require Blue Badge or accessible parking?
If you are not parking at the event, are you intending on being dropped off by a taxi / family member / friend at the drop off and pick up point?

THANK YOU! YOUR FORM HAS BEEN SUBMITTED. PLEASE ALLOW A COUPLE OF WEEKS FOR US TO PROCESS AND CONFIRM YOUR REQUESTS.​ If you have any other specific requirements for attending the festival or if you have any questions please contact us on